Bring It On Home



Subterranean Press has sold out of the signed, limited hardcover edition, but Amazon still has copies. Here is a direct link:  Amazon Kindle

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Through unusual turns of phrase, violent and bloody imagery, heart-rending introspection, and mythic tone, Boyett explores themes of betrayal, redemption, and personal sacrifice in a tortured landscape of bedlam and pandemonium.
                                                —Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

I knew I was probably going to like this book. I wasn't expecting how much it affected me. This is the good stuff, folks. Don't miss out.
                                                —John Scalzi, Whatever

Niko's race through Hell is one of the greatest supernatural adventure stories of recent memory. It is not a mere allegory about sin and redemption, cowardice and nobility: it's also a damned good story, which sets it apart from almost all existential allegories.
                                                —Cory Doctorow

Mortality Bridge has something for everyone: Great characterization, vivid description, pulse-pounding action. It's a story of human weakness and redemption that's even older than the myths the novel draws upon, a story we can all relate to. An incredible, touching, exhilarating work that I wholeheartedly recommend.
                                                —SF Revu
Brilliant. An unforgettable tale of one man's journey to Hell. The writing is filled with vivid sensory detail. I was pushed to my limits by this one. Immeasurably sad. Moments of transcendent joy and beauty and compassion. A very well-written book that made me feel intense emotion. I recommend it.
                                                —Fantasy Literature
A mad mixture of Orpheus, Faust, and Dante. Expansive, gonzo encounters, all of which are vividly rendered. It ends with a killer-diller final sentence. The language is all. Mortality Bridge is, you should only excuse the expression, a Hell of a read.
                                                —Sci Fi Magazine